Bell Farms Inc. was established in 1962 by Ted Bell, and grew to be the largest cherry farm in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. After stepping down as president from another local maraschino cherry processor, Ted and son Craig began their own maraschino cherry processing plant called Eola Cherry Company Inc…named after the Eola Hills that surrounds their farms.

Eola grew into one of the largest maraschino cherry processors in the world, and was at one time processing over 20 million pounds of fruit every year. Eola Cherry was sold in 2006. We changed our name from Eola Specialty Foods and started processing high quality organic and all natural specialty food products such as hot sauces and drink mixes.

In 2011, Craig got back into the maraschino cherry business with Bell Foods International, Inc. Bell Foods also offered a wide variety of different gourmet items, packaging, and product development concepts. After a seven fold increase in sales the cherry part of that business was re-sold in 2016. Always seeking to be innovative and competitive, we combined forces with a national water company in April of 2017 to market our collective products nationwide. The combined company is called Bell Food & Beverage Inc. Currently, we offer select specialty food manufacturing and customized co-packing in both hot pack and cold pack lines. But Craig always maintained the farm.

Today & Future

Bell Enterprises International was set up in Spring of 2017 to handle Craig Bell’s consulting contracts, real estate investments, manufacturing ventures, and forecasted import or export projects. This reflects the owner’s ingenuity in commercial business purposes such as product innovation, importing specialty food products, as well as consulting and land lord services.

Meanwhile, Bell Farms cultivates orchards that grow 160 acres of cherries and about 40 acres of hazel nuts.


Reasonably Priced Processing

Our manufacturing facilities are located on the company site in Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley. Our plant consists of a 75,000 square feet of production and warehouse space with easy access to interstate highway and rail traffic. With Bell Foods International as your specialty food supplier, you can expect consistent quality at reasonable prices.

We can handle high quality large-volume production or deliver high-end value added finished goods. We have the skills and people that do specialized hand packing, as well as all the proper technology for machine packaging. This enables you to receive the fast turnaround and competitive pricing so crucial in today’s marketplace.


We Produce Quality

Our Quality Assurance personnel are continuously monitoring both raw and finished products, testing and evaluating them for compliance to high industry standards. This ensures food safety and consistent quality that our customers have come to expect. With the HACCP food safety plan, in-house laboratories, and superior ratings on independent third party audits — our customers are assured of the highest quality products that meet or exceed specifications.

Next Steps...

If you think you could benefit from our expertise, get in touch with us regarding our consulting services.